GOD is calling…

  And I have learned, over time, through many trials, that I need to answer that call.  

I have been called into the full time ministry of reconciliation to represent my KING, my LORD and GOD.  The call has been laying on my heart for quite a while, but it is time to commit to the call I have been given, to preach the Gospel, the Good News, the FREE gift of Salvation to all, to the world that so desperately needs it. 

  When, where or how has yet to be determined, but I will be sure to chronicle all the trials, all the victories and all the exciting stories that are bound to follow this call.  Stay tuned to the “Chronicles” for more details that are sure to come as GOD directs.

 Until I get direction as to where GOD will have me go, may we all…


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Just another new day…

imagesCA4775CT New days are amazing.  I mean all days…yes even the ones that dont turn out the way you want them too.  You see there is a message in each day GOD gives us, we just have to be willing to see the message HE gives to us. 

I know…sometimes we really dont want to hear what we will learn in this new day, but it is for our good.  There is a reason we do not have the insight into what the future will hold.  Sure we try to predict it based on patterns, trends and visual insights, but our vision is so very limited. And we get so spoiled.

As an example, I have lived in Colorado now for almost 8 years now and it is amazing just how much you take for granted. The way the sunset colors the sky off the moutains, the way the frost will cover the trees after a cool evening or the amazing sight of “Garden of the Gods” at sunrise. I just dont pay that much attention to it anymore…I dont see it as GOD intended, because Im always trying to work towards that “next day”. I get so focused on what WILL happen, that I lose sight of what GOD whans me to see what IS happening. Spoiled.

Try this to see what I mean…walk around for a day with a pair of dark sunglasses on…I mean all day and all night.  Your mind is such an amazing creation! Even though you KNOW you are not seeing things in “real color” we will eventually BELIEVE we are seeing things in all their glory, as they were meant to be seen.  imagesCAKAH0IK

At some point in the next day, take off the glasses and you will begin to see something you thought WAS perfect become magical, something you thought could not be improved upon be transformed in full view…but even here you will only see things through the eyes GOD gave you.  Eyes that give us limited sight, limited vision, limited view, but its none the less beautiful to see a Colorado sunset over the mountains in full color than with a darkened view of the amazing colors that we were intended to see.

  Now, compare that to how GOD wants you to see each new day.  We walk around thinking we have the “full view” dont we….I know I do.  Its one of my biggest faults.  I think, time and time again, I got this….I figured it out…then GOD reminds me once again that I am looking at the beauty in front of me through darkened glasses.

  We need HIS eyes, HIS view.

Take time to pray today that GOD will show you what you need to see through HIS eyes.  I promise you, there are times you wont like what you see, you will want to turn away, but it is meant for your good…this may be your “for such a time as this”. 

  Every new day brings opportuntites to witness to others, chances to redeem wrongs, make amends and draw closer to our GOD who loves us before we see HIM in full glory.  Today I want you to take off the glasses, with GOD’s help, and see the beauty and challenges this day brings to you…

You know, GOD doesnt have to give us a new day…we are living on HIS time, so why not be thankful for the days that the boss chews you out, your hair just wont “get right”, your spouse just wont “fall in line” with your view of things, because those just may be the days that are most important in the scope of eternity.

Enjoy the sunset…GOD made it for us.

Text Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:12 “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”


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What’s your message?

Some signs are hard to understand. Some are confusing. Some may cause you to stop and think, with no action, while others make you act immediately while not thinking at all (neither of these are good options).
Well today while shopping I saw a sign on a car that read “stay back, learning stick”. I added the picture below as a reminder for me as to what signs I give to folks about life, death, salvation and condemnation.
Do you know what I did when I saw the sign mentioned…I stayed back. I respected the message and followed the request. So do the signs I give to others come across just as clear?
GOD says that we are to give HIS message clearly. Salvation is why CHRIST came to earth and died on the cross, so I am sure HE wants that message given clearly.
Don’t miss the signs GOD gives you and never confuse the sign or message you give to others about salvation. It really is life or death.

Text verse: Colossians 4:4. “That I may make it manifest, as I ought to speak”


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Hold those old paths

Yesterday we had an outing with our management team at work.  We got to go off-site, relax and enjoy ourselves a little which is a blessing all in itself.  But the time away from the office is not the reason for the post today…its where we went.

I have lived in Colorado now almost 8 years, and have been to Garden of the Gods many a time with visitors and family, but I never knew of a place called “Rock Ledge Ranch” which is tucked away right in front of the wonderful rock formations.  This is a  “museum” of sorts in which you can walk through houses built in the 1800’s and they have volunteers there who take you through a guided tour of the historic places.  But that still isn’t the reason for the blog post.

So what is the reason already!!!!!!  🙂

The encouragement to post didn’t come from a day away from work, or walking through 100+ year old houses.  As usual, the people there had an affect on me.  These are folks who are volunteers, who spend their time living in an age that should encourage all the brethern.

First off, the women looked like women.  Long dresses, cordial attitudes, pleasant to speak to, and made some wonderful smelling food!!!!

The men looked like men.  They were in the field, working, building, digging and providing for their families.

The kids were obidient always speaking in “yes sir” and “Yes maam” and listened to the adults around them without one word of defiance.  

Yes I understand that this was just a reenactment, but when the reenactment embarasses our current culture (from husaband to wife to kids in the home) it should affect us.  Our world is filled with whining, complaining, wanting more and thinking we deserve more than GOD has given us.  What a culture shift I experienced yesterday!!!

GOD tells us to keep the old paths…follow HIM and HIS order HE has set for the home.  Be diligent, be respectful, be thankful, be hard working, be loving and follow HIM.  

GOD made us, HE created us for HIS pleasure, and HE knows what is best for us.  It is true that folks in the 1800’s may not have had the technology we have today.  No TV, no internet, no electricity, no cars, no cell service!!!!!  THE HORROR!!!!!!!!  :O

But what they did have was a strong family unit, kids that respected hard work, parents that loved each other and that wouldn’t have time to “step out” on each other if they “got tired” of their partner.    I cant imagine living back then was easy but I imagine GOD was pleased at how HIS people served HIM.  

GOD says to keep the old paths…and that is what we should do.  

Text verse: Jeremiah 6:16  “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls…”



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Ohhhhh…the sabbath!

Today I worked a 12 hour workday and thanks to the invention of the “salary” position, no lunch was required. How great is that! :).
But isnt it just like GOD who got me thinking about the reason for the sabbath.
When you think about the Jewish brethren and the hours they used to work, 6 days a week, from sun up to sun down, you can see the need for a day to make time and lift up GOD above all things!
GOD provided the sabbath, or as we call it nowadays, the LORDs day, knowing that we are but flesh and not only need to rest our bodies, but refresh our souls as well. More than anything else, GOD knows our testimonies represent HIM, so we should be diligent to take full advantage of the times HE provides to us to draw close to HIM.
So the next time you have a long workday, just know that GOD always provides a well of encouragement and strength to handle any day. We just need to take advantage of the time HE gives us. Drink from the well and draw close to the GOD who loves you…drink up! Praise GOD for the sabbath!

Text verse: Genesis 2:2. “And on the seventh day GOD ended HIS work which HE had made; and HE rested…”

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Reality over fiction

You never know what any day holds, especially a day at the park! I took some time today to hang out, read the BIBLE and witness to others.
I found out that I will take a life of reality with GOD leading me over trying to live a fiction life anytime. Here is the conversation I had with one man today…try to follow along as we pick up where the story gets good.
Guy: you know they are trying to lasso an asteroid to have it orbit the moon so we can land on it for research?
Me: wouldn’t it be easier just to land on the moon?
Guy: sure, but we already did that.
Me: sure, but how exactly are we going to lasso an asteroid?
Guy: they said they can land on it, set up some kind of a device that will slow it down and them drag it to the moons atmosphere so it will circle it.
Me: we are gonna land on the asteroid….like in Armageddon?
Guy: yeah, we know a lot more about asteroids now, and it will give us more data for research….imagine it, living on an asteroid doing research! (Getting excited now)
Me: do you do research in COS?
Guy: no
Me: then how would u know what research to do in outer space?
Guy: well…anything is possible.
Me: so your telling me, the city I live in cant fix a pothole, but the country the city is in can afford to lasso an asteroid, land on it, drag it to the moons atmosphere and have folks live there?
Guy: (now annoyed)….yes. And he leaves.
Brethren, lets enjoy the fiction we have available to us because it is fun but don’t lose sight of the reality we live in. GOD tells us to be sober minded and diligent, because our adversaries are getting stronger as CHRIST return nears.
Just another day at the park….and I can’t wait to do it again!

Text verse: 1 Peter 5:8. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

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Heartbreak ridge

Tonight my beloved Pirates lost their 4th game in a row in extra innings. :(. I know, so sad. But it got me thinking how easily we are heartbroken & how long it lasts vs. how hard it is to impress us and it usually lasts a fleeting second. Think about it, folks will lose sleep, get ulcers and work themselves into a full out depression mode over what is considered “heartbreak”, but will say thanks to a great blessing and never give it a second thought. How wrong is that?
But how often do we in the family if GOD do the same thing? We will openly complain, argue and flat out walk away from GOD if we don’t get things in our timeframe, but we give HIM a quick “thanks” for a prayer bring answered or a blessing he sends our way. This aught not happen amongst the brethren!
So the next time you get blessed by GOD, which by the way, a breath is considered a blessing, lets be sure to think of HIM who gave it to us, because how GREAT it is that HE thinks of us at all!
Remember, HE means all things for our good, so even if your favorite team loses its 4th in a row, it’s still a blessing that its not 5 in a row….or 6….or 7….well you get the point. Lets rejoice!

Text verse: Philippians 4:4. “Rejoice in the LORD always: and again I say Rejoice”

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